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whats going on there just not paying you also? They still owe me $70 some dollars???

can you please pay me the money im owed. thankyou

09/01/2023$3.0024,803$74.41open   <----------------------------------- please pay me



ok its now the 26th of this month and i have still not received my payment that still says open i got paid all the other times why are you holding my money please release the funds to my paypal im over due being owed and yall sure want that 10 dollars every month ont the dot well i want my streaming money i made so once again please release my 70$ payment im owed its well over due the time for payment so i need yall to fix this i NEED my money soooo please release my funds to my paypal on the account. Soon im gunna go on strike and get others striking and not run ads until i get paid for this. I meant this is ridiculous i shouldn't have to contact you about the money thats been over due to be paid to me please release my funds to my paypal. this is going too far.!!!! im soon to put you on blast and tell everyone live not to go thru yall.... LAST TIME PAY ME MY MONEY!!!!!!!!