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Game kNight Plays 5 years ago updated by Elise A. 5 years ago 3

I love the store - it enables us as streamers to give something back to our viewers.

The problem is, it is very limited at the moment, so I suggest these changes to the store:
* Allow us to set a custom !buy <item> command, instead of 1, 2 etc.

* Allow us to limit a reward to a certain amount

* Allow us to limit rewards to a certain type (eg. regulars/subs etc.)

* Allow us to allow custom text when people buy an item eg. !buy <item> <message>
* Allow us to attach an image to the store item

* Give us an overlay option, so we can show when something is bought in the store (displaying the image attached if any)
* I would like to be able to sort the purchases in the store

Thanks for reading - upvote!

Under Review

These are good ideas and something that will almost definitely happen.


Everything has been added except the image upload. I'm going to mark this as completed and table the image thing for now. Submit a separate request for the image if it's important to you so it can be tracked in its own ticket

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