Timed enable/disable of chat commands and timers

RockNRollGeek 3 years ago 0


Proposed feature request: 

Timed enable/disable of chat commands and timers.

How it would work:

The idea would be that commands and timers would have an option to schedule how long they are enabled/are active for.

Potential use cases:

Say you have something going on in your stream, whether it be a timer to display information you only want to display during one stream / day, or perhaps a promo you have running for a certain week, or month, You'd be able to set a schedule for that command or timer to turn it off after 24 hours/only leave it enabled for 24 hours, or to set a timer'd ad or piece of info to only be able to be displayed in chat for the current week, or only the month of september, etc. Basically, if it's a command or timer that might be problematic if it ran for more than 24 hours, or a certain period of a few days, or a week or month, instead of you having to hope to remember to go in and manually disable it, you could set it up once and forget it, knowing it would disable itself when it needs to. And then if it's something you decide you may want to use again later down the line, you can simply go in and permanently enable it, or reschedule it for a new schedule.