Fixes and Tweaks for Event List and Chat Overlays

Drakku3690 3 years ago updated by binaryatlas 3 years ago 2

Hey ya'll! Just messing around with the different overlays, and I have a few suggestions/tweaks, and also one quick fix.

I know the Event List is still in beta, but here's some things:


- On subscription notifications, there needs to be a space between my username and the "with plan"


- Have a "simple" mode: "[username] [action] on [platform]" and no extra text. Or even "[username] [present tense action]"

I use Botisimo for one platform and only for myself, so I don't need to see who they subscribed to and what tier, I just would like to see/acknowledge the action.

- Toggleable platform logo.

- Choose a maximum number of events shown.

- Invert Y option. (Choose whether messages go newest on top or bottom of list.)


- Invert Y optional. (Choose whether messages go newest on top or bottom of list.)


Thanks for all your hard work! I really appreciate that you've added customization, and I just wanted to throw my two cents in on this Event List beta ya'll are working on. Keep it up!

Oops, didn't mean to make this private, so feel free to close the ticket if you need to. Just wanted to send some feedback/suggestions! 

I totally agree with the max number of events. I would use this if I could only show the top 5.