bug report and feature request

Daddy Madu 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 0

dear team,

good day!
awesome work you have done here, really appreciate the effort,

first i want to use your developed overlay in my stream  but it's still under development for sure.

what stopping me is for facebook follow notification it should be same with twitch and youtube but you instead but likes your Facebook live stream, and for facebook it's never gonna stop as likes will be alot more than follows x200, likes should have it's own tab.

overlay has discord to choose audio channel to show in overlay, we need an option to disable it.

this was the bug reported, 

short term  feature to be add

- feature request twitch has bit system and YouTube has a super chat

facebook has stars system works the same, if it's possible we need it integrated also.

- facebook gaming also has chain similar to hosts if it can be integrated 

long term (not rushed)

- bits, stars donations needs to have some 3 variations for notifications 

is donor sends x amount then play x music, and if donated xx amount play xx music notification 

- CSS customization support for overlay notification (like/follow/subiscribe/bits/donation/hosts)

thanks again finally we found a bot that can rule all platforms!