Horizontal Chat

Francisco R 3 years ago 0

Would love an option for the chat to flow/stack horizontally instead of just vertically. I was able to Frankenstein this solution in CSS properties of my Botisimo chat source in OBS, which mostly works. However this does not remove the message nodes from the DOM, only hides them.

Thank you for making this though, I am looking forward to using Botisimo more :D

body { background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0); overflow: hidden; }
.OverlayChat{flex-flow: row;}
.Overlay .message{margin-right: .75em;}
@keyframes messageFadeOut{
	0%{margin-right: .75em; opacity: 1; width: auto; overflow: visible;}
	99%{margin-right: .75em; opacity: 0; width: auto; overflow: visible;}
	100%{margin-right: 0; opacity: 0; width: 0; overflow: hidden;}