send select responses to a specific channel regardless from which channel they were called from

Dartis_X-UI 3 years ago 0

it would be handy (for me anyway) to have the ability to do the following:

1 - send a Call that botisimo recognises in one discord channel

2 - have botisimo send its response to a different channel

one application of this is if playing a game while using discord to chat with players in game

- you have the means to send commands to that game in a private discord channel via a custom discordbot

- and you want your players to have access to select game commands (ie: minecraft's: gamerule keepingInventory true)

- all you need is to have your players type a Botisimo Call (eg: turn on keeping inventory) in the game's discord chat channel

- then Botisimo would read this Call and respond in the predesignated private Discord Channel

[#minecraft-server-chat (public)] **User1 says:** turn on keepinventory

[#minecraft-console (private)] **Botisimo says:** gamerule keepInventory true
[minecraft in game chat] **Console says:** keeping inventory has been truned on

this is how i would use the setup, if implemented - but im sure there is potential for others to find extra uses with their streaming

one that comes to mind my be an form of Opt-In - type "I want in!" in chat and botisimo responds in either the server admin's pm or a private channel for participation (should reaction roles not be available on the server, anyone responding like this could manually be given the role required to join)...