Improvement for chat overlay

svartpippi 3 years ago updated by Eric E. 3 years ago 0

I have tested the chat overlays in Botisimo. 
I have used streamlabs chatbox and Restreams chat box for in-stream overlays.
And have modified the look of the chat in stream to suit my look and feel. 
We are several that use my design for in-stream chat overlay, and would like to have the possibility to modify the look like one can do with streamlabs chat box or at least have the possibility to modify the CSS like I have done with restreams chat. I looked at the source HTML and CSS for your chat overlays and it is not possible to get look like i have in streamlabs or restream.
So if one could modify the HTML or have a different layout with the profile icon and username in one line and the message on a new line below.
Also noticed that you could only change the text message, and there is no way of modify the text or background of the person (including icon) writing the mesagge, attached the examples of the modification.

Best regards

restream chat.jpg
streamlabs chat.jpg