Offline request from Michal

Michal 3 years ago updated by Eric E. 3 years ago 0
Subject: Suggestion for a fix / new option for polls.

Hello. I would like to offer you the implementation of several surveys at the same time. I mean, you could create, for example, a survey for users only with Twitch or only for Discord users.

Below is an example:

Survey A (for Twitch)
Anketa B (for Discord)

and both active at the same time.

Currently, when a new one is created, the previous one is stopped, even though the previous one was not connected to e.g. Twitch. It's a bit weak, because I can't do a separate survey for my Discord viewers and a separate one for those who are on Twitch.

I hope you will improve your polls, because I must admit that despite this disadvantage, they are well done and you have a bot well done.