Addition of a Max Duration Option for Song Requests & More Song Request Options

gozen729 5 years ago 0

If possible, I would love a setting for song requests (music settings) that would limit the maximum duration of a request that can be submitted.  For example, it would be great if I could set a limit of 300 seconds for requests.  If someone tries to add a YouTube video/song that exceeds 300 seconds, then Botisimo would reply that the song requested was over the set duration and was not added to the queue.

Additional song request settings that would also be nice to have would include:

    • Ability to set minimum permission for who can call the !songrequest/!sr commands.
    • Ability to set the queue limit/length.  For example the queue cannot have more than a set value of songs in it at a given time.
    • Ability to set a type of spam security.  For example requested songs/videos will only be added if they meet a certain threshold of likes versus dislikes and/or they video has a certain number of total views.
    • Ability to set a value that allows viewers to vote to skip a song that is currently playing.  If enough viewers vote in chat to skip a song, then the song is automatically skipped.
    • Ability for songs to automatically start playing once a song is requested.  It seems that if the queue is empty and someone puts a song in the queue, it will not start playing automatically until I press the play button or execute a !nextsong/!ns command.

    Thank you.