Ability to Configure More Default Command Settings

gozen729 5 years ago updated by headache_77 3 years ago 7

If possible, I would like the ability to have more configuration settings for the default (built-in) commands.

Currently we have the ability to set the minimum permissions, or the ability to disable the commands completely, for default commands.  In addition to this, other configurable options I would like to see for each default command would include:

  • Ability to select which platform the default commands will function on. (Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, Discord)
  • Ability to set/assign aliases to default commands.
  • Ability to show/hide default commands on the public command page. (Currently they are not visible on the public command page.)
  • Ability to set the option to match anywhere for default commands.
  • Ability to set the option to respond to a user with a whisper (direct message).  Currently if someone runs a command to check their currency amount, !currencyname, Botisimo responds to the user via a whisper/direct message on Twitch and Mixer, but on YouTube the receive a public response in the chat with their currency amount as YouTube does not support whispers/DMs.  I would like to set the currency check command to reply to users on all platforms in the public chat instead of via a whisper/DM.

Thank you.

Add option translate messeges like (you don't have enough golfrags...) or use custom messeges

Add ability to set cooldowns to individual default commands please

Please check out the response to this request. Using this same technique you could expose any default commands as custom commands and apply the settings you wish. This will allow you to handle most of these concerns


thanks, but aliasing !rank does not give me the same outputs as the default command. ideally we should be able to set cooldowns for default commands please

@timmee did you see the first link I posted? It shows how to add a cooldown to the !buy command. You can do the exact same thing but with !rank. You tried this and it is returning different outputs?

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