Reduce $5/Month price to €3 or €2 as it brings in more users

Fedaygin 3 years ago 0

Hope that monthly price from first one that's $5/m be reduced to $2/m as that would bring a lot of new users & developers would still get enough bling to keep things running. Need a working bot with timers, rename etc. to Trovo.live. One that doesn't require javascript & similar things. There's not many Chatbots for Trovo as of now late May year 6021 :( (Sadly 2021 for many who follow wrong calendar).

Many available ones don't have those wanted features & proper webui or desktop client. Botisimo has those features & webui, but monthly cost of $5 is keeping me & masses of possible supporters away from it. Hope that logical thinking taken in use soon & price drops to where it should be. I'll follow the the news & if goodies drop then i'll share with positive words to get more coverage for the bot <3 Wish good June to Botisimo staff o/ Kindly: Fedaygin