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svartpippi 3 years ago updated by Eric E. 3 years ago 1

Missing option to do chat relay to discord channel for all the other connections.
It is really good if one needs to go away for a short break from the stream, when you come back and you like to check what people have written and without it you have to go to every connection source and check them at the source.
Before when I used restreams chatbot I used to mirror the chat to a discord channel, and when I then came back from the short break I could view the channel in Discord channel and get back to people if I got any questions.
So what I'm missing is for example say the connection Youtube, I can do chat relay to Twitch, Dlive and Trovo, here I would also like to have Discord and select a channel.
And for connection Facebook I can do chat relay to: Youtube, Twitch, Dlive and Trovo, here I would also like to have Discord and select a channel. Same for all the connections.
I would like to be able to do chat relay to Discord and select which channel to relay to, could be the same channel for all connections, like it did when I used restreams chatbot.

I tried "Mirror chat in Discord, but it was not possible for Dlive and Facebook I asked that question in ticket: Missing "Mirror to Discord" for Facebook and Dlive. / Helpdesk / Botisimo , the mirror function works in both direction (and only from one dedicated discord channel per connection, can't be shared between connections), And you said it was coming to Dlive but unfortunately not for Facebook as it is not supporting writing to a pages chat, it will "never" come (in known timespan) for Facebook as stated in the previous ticket.

The chat relay which I'm asking for is a one direction function that works like all the other chat relay functions, so it would also work from Dlive and Facebook (even now).
I want the chat relay from facebook, youtube and all the other connections to be sent to a channel in Discord, could be the same discord channel for all connections. It should work as the other chat relays, but destination should be a discord channel.

I have included how it looked when I used restreams chat bot and it relays all my streamings plattforms chats to one discord channel. The discord channel I use for it is "livestream-chat" it's a channel dedicated to collect all comments from all chats on the plattforms I stream to. I know I'm not the only one using this function, as several of my friends in the streaming community in Sweden is using it the same way.

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Thanks for submitting your feature request! Our development team will review your request and see if it's something we can implement in the future.

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