Control timers w/ directives

Fyro 3 years ago updated by Eric E. 3 years ago 1

Would it be possible to enable and disable timers through directives? I know there's a command to create timers, but what about having a directive that can control existing timers. Enable or disable for example $[timer name enable/disable platform]

Name = name of the timer (required)

enable/disable = this would... y'know, turn the timer on or off on a platform. (required)

platform = specify which platform. Optional. If it's blank, it would be the platform it came from. Maybe have all, to disable/enable on all platforms.

This would make things alittle more easier to control when making a timed command. For example, I am trying to make a heist command which would progress over time. So I need this timer to be enabled making sure a variable is active (minimum every 5 minutes as per timers). But once the heist is over, I want this timer to be disabled automatically, thus runs the timer directive to disable the timer.

Thanks for submitting your feature request! Our development team will review your request and see if it's something we can implement in the future.

Thank you,

Eric E.

Botisimo Support & Quality Assurance