Monthly tipping / Subscriptions

Byron 2 years ago updated by Eric E. 2 years ago 2

A Streamlabs just released a feature where people are able to subscribe to their favorite creators via monthly subscriptions and the streamer keeps 100% of the tips. 

Would we be able to explore something similar?

When looking for botismo I revoked my twitch affiliation for personal reasons regarding my funding supporting certain aspects of their business practices. 

With subscriptions being available via the botismo service that would be a gamechanger for me and many creators alike

I would imagine a subscriber role could also be created and we could create commands/rewards accessible to subcribers only. 

Thank you for your consideration!

Thanks for submitting your feature request! Our development team will review your request and see if it's something we can implement in the future.

Thank you,

Eric E.

Botisimo Support & Quality Assurance