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AceGamerNA 2 years ago updated by Eric E. 2 years ago 1


I would like to see some sort of app or integration with OBS/Streamlabs Desktop. I want to be able to have my dashboard available while streaming without having a complete separate browser window open at all times. It could be something as simple as a Web App, or something that can easily integrate into OBS.

My only issue with using a URL dock in OBS is that it does not save the Username and Password of the site being entered meaning I have to enter it each time. Streamlabs Desktop probably wouldn't be as easy to implement. 

So, if possible, I would love to see either some sort of OBS integration, or a Web App for a QoL change.


Thanks for submitting your feature request! Our development team will review your request and see if it's something we can implement in the future.

Thank you,

Eric E.

Botisimo Support & Quality Assurance