Add spam prevention for the Twitch.Center Quote System

Bazooge 4 years ago updated by Elise A. 4 years ago 3 1 duplicate

I noticed an issue with the Twitch.Center quote system and apparently Botisimo IP got banned from their servers because of a user spamming it. He removed your IP from the blacklist for now, but there's nothing stopping someone from getting it auto added again. I asked what he does if someone with Nightbot spams, and he informed my Nightbot had their own spam protection, meaning Nightbot would never run into that situation to begin with. Can you add a similar spam prevention so I can continue to use the quote system through Botisimo. I don't want to have to use Nightbot just for that quote API.

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We have taken measures to slow down users who are requesting twitch center quotes too much. Is this still an issue?