Add variable(s) to be able to redirect shop item/command outputs to outer connections (specified by variable)

svartpippi 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 1

I'm streaming to multiple platforms and my viewers can use the loyalty points in botisimo to shop for actions to happen on my stream depending on which shop item they buy, like switching to specific scene, activate a voice in voicemod or other things I setup, at the moment this only works for twitch viewers, as I'm using a program that only works with twitch.
But if I could from Advanced options in a shop item add a destination of the output from the !buy command or if there was a variable that would be possible to use to redirect the output to a selected output, I would be able to use it for all my viewers regardless of which platform they use.  Something similar to variable in this example : 
    "Hello $(twitch twitch)$(youtube youtube) viewers!" 
but instead it would send it to the sspecified connection.
My goal is to create the same functions/features for all platforms like one can do with twitch channel points. And Botisimo is the only bot I have found that has loyalty system and works for multiple platforms, all other only works for twitch.

typing mistake "outer connections" should been "other connections"