Disable users from earning currency

Loud_Lou 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 6

I have a specific Mario Maker bot that responds in chat and want to disable them from earning currency as well as a few other as they will clean up in the winnings.  Can we have the ability to disable users from earning currency?


i do belive you can do this in settings. i think. i use it to have the bot ignor my bots. 

the problem with this is that it ignores at a high level rather than just for the chat time/points/currency.  If i disable my account on every location not only will it stop the chat count/currency (which is what i want) but it will also disable me from writing commands for users right?  I think your solution is great for the bots but the relay bots using my username would disable me from using commands if i did this.

As a side note it also doesnt let you pick the platform to disable to user when you write them in and i disabled the above posts users that were not highlighted but they still appear in the user section for tracking.

Also should give the opportunity to remove users.  I did reset user stats but all those bots or my accounts are still there.  Sorry for the multitude of suggestions but this seems like an AMAZING feature to utilize but i think it could use a few alterations :) 

I also just reset the user stats and did a test after i disabled the users as you noted and it still captured the chat metrics.

disregard that last note.  it isnt capturing the message but i cannot remove the user.