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mike 2 years ago updated by Erik 1 year ago 1
Chat overlay feature requests

1. to be able to set a right margin or, better, display chatbox boundaries (800x600) and have word wrap respect those boundaries regardless of font size.

2. bg color should be applied per message s.t. there's a small 2px or so gap between messages and this fades out with the message. Not color the entire bg of the box. (that was just lazy, man, and ugly.)

3. option to display timestamps

4. option to configure number of chat messages visible at once (iow - I have no idea what the height boundary of my box should be.)

5. recommended geometry setting size for the web browser container.


*moved to feature requests*

In the future, please submit entries like these to the Feature Request forum: https://support.botisimo.com/communities/4-feature-requests

Thank you,

Eric E.

Botisimo Support & Quality Assurance