Hellglaive Decryption Chip

Dartis_X-UI 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 1

im told in help channel that Helglaive Decryption Chips do not currently have a use

as a suggestion, how about having them have 2 features

1 - all the previous abilities of the first three levels of Decryption Chips (subtract a number of the dyne, add a second to your time, cant remember the third one)

2 - also, to go along with the Hell theme of their name, giving them a ratio say 3:1 or 25% chance (dont really care about the actual ratio if others want it to be less or more) for the opposite of the first three levels of Decryption Chips to happen (add a number to your dyne, subtract a second from your time, etc); mabe stated in a big "Your Hellglaive Backfired!" or "Your Hellglaive took on its true form!" message

the third one is auto sort it turns out and requires 3 of them to do so (according to docs)

so for a hellglaive, maybe need only one for auto sort (still 3 x the third level chip...). whereas for the backfire/true form version, maybe increase the symbols as well as not sorting?