Twitch Login Broken?

Papi_Pancakes 7 months ago updated by RisingPhoenixTV 7 months ago 4

I am a new user attempting to connect through Twitch.

When I attempt to do so the page doesn't load or go anywhere.  When I click refresh, it claims 'error' : "Unauthorized".

The below screenshots are from a desktop computer.

- When I click on the YouTube, Facebook, or Discord Log-In options, they load as they should as if I can login normally through those.

- I do not have and have never had a Botisimo account. 

- I am not logged into Twitch anywhere.

- I have tried this from a desktop PC, my personal laptop, and through Safari (via mobile on iPhone)

- My goal is to use Botisimo within my Lightstream overlay for Twitch.


Image 1512

Image 1513

I am facing the same issue, Botismo is not working


I hope soon they get around to fixing it, I know another friend been having trouble to. 

I don't know if it's just a new user thing kind of issue or what

I know it's been doing that to me to for when I try to use my referral code to have people sign up

Other then that it's working great for me 


bummer! I hope that they do something soon :(

Me to it is a pretty decent bot even for those that wanna multistream to. But even if you are just using it on a single platform it works wonders to but yeah I hope so as well