Make Botisimo a Moderator

Many features of Botisimo will require moderator privileges in your channel. For example, if you want to create commands to respond with hyperlinks or if you want to use the spam filters to automatically delete unwanted messages and timeout users.


If you want to make Botisimo a moderator in your Twitch channel then go to your channel on Twitch and type this in your chat:

/mod Botisimo

Twitch will respond with this if it worked:

You have added botisimo as a moderator of this channel.


If you want to make Botisimo a moderator in your YouTube channel then follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Settings" in the bottom left
  3. Go to the "Community" tab
  4. Paste this url to the Moderators section:
  5. Select the Botisimo channel
  6. Click "Save"


Facebook does not require any actions to enable moderator permissions. When you authorize Botisimo to manage your Facebook page it will automatically have moderator permissions.

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For some reason scotty bot is showing as an admin and i have to re-add botismio every day. can you please help me make botisimio my moderator permanently and remove scotty bot?

Looks like is gone as it's giving me a can not be found (at this moment)

Same Kian ... found a link, I assumed was from the channel name not botisimo`s actual name but the letter thingie like all channels and was deleted by yt.

Any news on when botisimo is back in game to be added as moderator?

Hmm. My channel name as in (its like my name used in this post but without the spaces) is still working fine!

I got a message from the Botisimo team that the actual Botisimo channel got suspended by YT, and that they submitted an appeal to get it back.

I see ... thats cool because I think based on other bots I tested this I find is the best for all my needs :) and would be a shame to lose it.

Yes. is back and working again :-)