Rotate Multiple Timer Messages in a Single Timer

You can create a rotating timer by using the $(rotate) response variable:

The $(rotate) variable outputs the given messages in a rotation. Each time the timer is posted to chat it will rotate to the next message. After it has posted the last message in the rotation, it will start back from the beginning. This allows you to create a single timer that posts a different message each time it fires.

Let's make a rotating timer

1. Log in to your Botisimo account and visit the Timers Page

2. Click on the "Create New +" button in the top left

3. Set the name to


4. Set the response to

$(rotate This is my first message | This is my second message | This is my third message)

5. Set the interval to "5"
6. Click "Save" button at bottom of form

Image 3

Be sure to check out the other response variables in Botisimo to start making more powerful custom timers

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Throttle (number of message 1-100 that that must have been sent in the last 5 minutes for the timer to activate)  edit the 5 minutes, maybe 10 minutes... just need my timers to go off, spread the news and stuff, even if no one is there.