Regulars and You

You've probably seen the term "Regular" when looking at permissions when making a command, and probably wondered, "What's it for, and how can I use it?"

Or maybe you didn't. I don't know. I'm not in your brain.

"Regular" is a special title you can assign to users.

If you want to put it in a heirarchy, "Regular" would be above "Everyone" but below "Subscribers".

To set a user as a Regular, you (or a moderator) can either use the command "!regular <username>" or go to the User section of your Botisimo page and you can promote from there.

How you define it is entirely up to you, the streamer, and the context of your channel, but for the sake of ease, it's basically for your followers who you know are always there, but aren't subscribers (or maybe they are), but you'd like to acknowledge them.

Along with the neat title, it can also come with special permissions. For example, you can adjust your Spam Filters to let your Regulars bypass them.

Commands in Botisimo can have their permissions altered, so if you'd like a Default Command or a Custom one you've made yourself to be only useable by regulars, you have the power to do so.

Give it a shot! Consider promoting some of your viewers to "Regular" status, and give them some special commands, like letting them queue up songs, or even a command that you made yourself.

Not a big reader? No worries, we have this tutorial in VIDEO FORM:

Youtube video

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