What are User Levels and XP?

User levels are a function of Botisimo that you can utilize to help you gauge how active your viewers are.

User levels can be enabled on your Connections page and are separated by platform. (For example, Levels and XP accrued in YouTube is independent of Levels and XP accrued in Twitch)

To view the levels of your users, you can go to your Audience page, which can be found under the Analyze section of your Botisimo page. If you want to view levels for a specific platform, just click on the corresponding logo over on the upper right. If you want to view individual XP levels, click on the "View Leaderboard" button.

Whenever users are active and send messages in chat, they gain Experience Points (XP).

When a user has accmulated enough XP, they level up, signified by an announcement in the chat, should you desire to activate that.

So, naturally, the higher a user's level, that's proof of how active they are in your chat.

What that means is entirely up to you! For example, if you see that a user is over a certain level, you could promote them to Regular status.

Now go forth! Let your users level up!

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