Your Pal and Mine, the Settings Page

Oh, hey! Didn't see you there. C'mon in, take a seat, and let me tell you about the Settings Page.

If you didn't know, the Settings Page is where you can take care of various things pertaining to your Botisimo account.

As of right now, the Settings Page is divided into five sections: Account, Chat Bot, Loyalty Points, Donation Page, and, most recently, Referrals.

Let's go over them right now.


This is where you can take care of several things pertaining to your account.

  • Profile

- Email: Here is where you can change or verify the email address that's associated with your Botisimo account. While it's generally a good idea to verify your email, it's really only necessary if you plan on being an Account Editor for another Botisimo user. (More info on that HERE)

            - Custom URL: Here's where you go to give yourself a custom URL for your own Botisimo page. Clicking the link that says ("blahblahblah") brings you to your own personal Botisimo page that will display your Live Feed, Public Commands, Leaderboard, Playlist, etc., etc.

            - New Password: This is where you go to change your password. Pretty self-explanatory.

  • Account Editors

This section is for adding Account Editors to your account. Account Editors are users who you want to be able to access your Botisimo account. They can make commands and timers, view and edit data, basically do (mostly) everything you can, except for change anything on the Settings page.

Heads up, Account Editors MUST have a verified email in order to be an editor on your account.

  • Developer

This is for GraphQL API stuff, we can just leave it alone, we don't need to mess with it.

  • Delete Account

Naturally, this is where you go to delete your account. ONLY do this if you're super super super SUPER DUPER sure you want to delete your account, as this action cannot be undone.


Here's where a few options for your bot live.

  • Custom Bot

If you're a Master Member, this is where you go to link a Custom Bot that you've created so you can add some personalization to your bot. More detailed tutorials on that can be found HERE and HERE (for Discord).

  • Chat Bot

                - Command Prefix: Changing this changes what goes before a command in order for Botisimo to recognize it as a command. For example, if you change it to "?" then the command "!ping" would instead have to be entered as "?ping". Please note that this only affects Botisimo's built-in commands.

Also, I don't recommend changing this, it might cause you some headaches later on.

                - List of Users to Ignore: Put users here who you don't want Botisimo to interact with in your chat. It's really useful if you have multiple bots running, or if you just don't like a person.


This is where you can make changes to your channel's currency. You can change the name (Default: Goldfrags), how much users are rewarded every 5 minutes (online and off), and how much channel XP users can earn by watching previous streams while you're offline.


This section is for setting up your donation page. Here, you can add your PayPal Email and a little blurb about yourself to be displayed on your Donation Page, which can be found by clicking the link under "Dontation URL". For a more detailed explanation, check out this tutorial on the Donation Page.


Fairly new to Botisimo, we now have a Referral Program! If you enjoy Botisimo, why not recommend it to your fellow streamers? Using that Referral URL, for every new member you refer, you get a Referral Point, and every Referral Point gets you a free month of Botisimo Membership!

And that's about it for the Settings Page! Pretty simple, right? Remember, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at!

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