Regarding Follower/Sub-Only Chat

(This article is mostly referring to Twitch, but can apply to other platforms with similar options)

If you're a streamer on Twitch, then you've probably dug around in the options a bit to take a look at all your tools. If you have, you've probably also seen the "Followers-only mode" and "Subscriber-only chat" options for your chat (or something similar if you're not on Twitch).

We understand the importance of these features, but unfortunately, it doesn't really play well with Botisimo.

Basically, if you enable Follower/Subscriber-only mode, that's going to prevent Botisimo from posting in your chat and executing commands.

The reason for this is that Botisimo doesn't follow the channels of its users (and the little bot itself doesn't even own a wallet so how could it subscribe?), so even if it's a Moderator in your channel, which it should be already, it doesn't fulfill the Follower/Subscriber requirement to send messages in chat.

So, to recap, these options:

Image 438

Leave 'em off! It'll cause less headaches for you down the line.

That's about it for this article! I know it was short, but this is still valuable information! If you have any questions, you can always contact us at!

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