Add Botisimo Advertiser Widget To Your Shopify Site

Log in as Shopify store admin

The Shopify admin login looks like this:

Navigate to your theme code

Once you are logged in to Shopify admin panel go to:

Online Store > Themes > Live Theme > Actions > Edit Code

Image 906

Add Botisimo widget snippet to your theme

Copy the snippet found in your advertiser profile (

Image 908

Paste the snippet at the bottom of the theme.liquid file just before the final </body> tag at the bottom and click "Save":

Image 909

That's it!

Now when potential customers come to your website from our network, they will get a custom welcome. View the link below to see it in action. Replace "" with your store to see it live on your own site.

Image 911

Bonus: Customize your widget

You can control the colors of the widget and the text in your advertiser profile (

Image 910

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