[Chat] Events System/"Enhanced Greet system"

ExemplaryMe 5 years ago 0

SUMMARY: Currently Botisimo has a "welcome" function that welcomes users chatting for the first time in your channel, if enabled.It would be great if this could be expanded to an Event system similar to what Streamlabs Chatbot has (formerly Ankh Bot). That allows you to greet/shoutout users you add to the list.

EXAMPLE: Events System -> OtotheA is added -> When OtotheA speaks -> "Check it out, OtotheA just made it to the stream! Everyone say hello and drop a follow @OtotheA!" -> when stream ends, events system resets for the next time stream starts and user chats on a new stream.

More INFO: 
Page 38 of the Streamlabs Chatbot documentation PDF outlines the use of the Events system.
I also understand that due to the wide use of Botisimo as well as being CBaaS, but not knowing the specs / full load of Botisimo when being used at peak usage, this may or may not affect performance, and could possibly be a Member's only option.