Auto hosting support for mixer and twitch

Mithradatum 5 years ago updated by Support Team (Owner) 4 years ago 1 1 duplicate

The ability to have a list of streamers to automatically host on platforms directed by the bot, which can also change hosts on a time interval (I. E. Every 30 minutes regardless of online status) or when the streamer goes offline. This would be most important for Mixer, which has no feature like this at this time, and has already been implemented by Mix It Up bot. I have not seen cloud based bots implement this for mixer. 

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Given recent news about Mixer shutting down, this feature is probably not going to happen. Twitch already has auto-hosting built in and YouTube doesn't have hosting. Also, this feature would likely be used mostly as a tool to create "follow for follow" streams and we don't necessarily want to encourage those.

Declining this for now.

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