Trovo Spell Variables (& perhaps Twitch/Dlive etc)

Andrew Wilson-Slight 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 0

I know that currently when a spell event happens Botismo recives:

{"gift":"On Fire","num":1}

Can we have the gift type set up as a variable, perhaps $(spell), $(gift) or $(type)

That way I could set the 'Announce elixir/mana in chat' message up as;

"Thank you for the $(spell) $(username)" for example, which would allow it to be reposted to other platforms

What the spell is is more important than the amount of mana/elixir they've used is as they keep adding new spells and streamers can create custom ones

(Or just having the spell event reposted to other platforms too would work. It isn't enterd in trovo's chat as a normal 'message' so doesn't get passed on)

[This is something Botrix can do, but it doesn't respond every time]

Actually on that note can we have a list of all platform specific variables added to the documentation page as Im sure everyone would like to have ones for setting up custom messages for thing like this, Twitch Bits, Facebook Stars, Dlive Donation types (e.g Lemons, Ice Creams) etc