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Hey John! Thanks for posting your feature ideas. Typically it takes us a bit to review and prioritize feature requests. We also like to give the community some time to upvote (or not). Rest assured, it has been seen by our team.

Yeah, completely understand. Just explaining how you can solve the spam part of your problem as it stands now.

Currently the bot will respond to every person that enters a command without any built in cooldown mechanism, for example, if 5 people do a !rules, the bot will spit out a rule list 5 times in a row which unintentionally spams your own chat.

You can make a cooldown apply to all users by using the --global flag

$[cooldown 30 --global]

This will apply 30 second cooldown to all users instead of each one individually.

This feature has been added

Would need more info about what should happen here. Currently when there is a spell event it has this information:

{"gift":"On Fire","num":1}

This should be working as requested now. If you don't include a time with the date then it will not display time in the response.

We have added support for Trovo!

We have added support for Trovo!

We took a slightly different approach based on what our current design can handle, but we have a solution for this problem. We have added a toggle filter to show/hide disabled commands and timers. Disabled commands and timers will be hidden by default.