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Kick.com Integration

mrhalkitis 1 year ago 0

Kick.com is an upcoming platform that will be rapidly growing over the course of the next couple of months.

Any plans to integrate there? There is a shortage of features & almost no bots available.


Support for glimesh.tv

binaryatlas 3 years ago 0

support for glimish.tv its new


Suggested Features/Tweaks for Overlays

Drakku3690 5 years ago updated by Elise A. 4 years ago 4

Just a few suggestions for the Overlays that would be helpful:

- EVENTS: The ability to change the font size/color of the text, OR: to add a drop shadow so the font is more legible when shown over a graphic background.
- EVENTS: Hosting the sound file directly, so as to minimize/negate the lag between the event showing and the sound associated. (I personally have had no issue with the image, but the sound rarely, if ever, plays.)

- ALL: More customization in the way of an optional background, font choice, layout, etc., would go a long way.


Goal overlays

Fyro 2 years ago updated by cuteavalanche 2 years ago 2

I'd like an overlay to set a goal albeit main goal, monthly goal, etc. 

With, perhaps a tier, or sub goals. For example, I'd like to aim for $100 / month in twitch donations.

I'd like to set sub goal, like every $20 there will be something special. 


Overlay Text Adjustment (positioning)

Iain Brophy 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 2

Hi all,

I have found one thing that is stopping me moving my alerts to Botisimo, there does not appear to be anyway to adjust the positioning of the text in the alert box. It always appears below the image. I use custom animated alerts that have space to fit the text in. If we could have more control on the text position and wrapping, I think it would benefit a lot of creators.

Thank you for your time.



Stream Lables

binaryatlas 3 years ago updated by Eric E. 2 years ago 2

I think a feature to pull user data as plain text would be useful. In many overlays, people want to add things like the latest follower or latest donation but place these individual pieces of information as text over the top of graphics. This is somewhat implemented with the event list. That data would need a way to be pulled out.


Add Event Command to New Follows/Subscribers

cuteavalanche 3 years ago 0

I would like the ability to link to a command(s) for each platform when a new Follow or Subscriber happens on that platform.

I personally would like to be calling up webhooks to IFTTT (so having IFTTT compatibility would be awesome as well, but I can do it from a webhook). 

Essentially; New Follower on Twitch -> triggers the linked event -> lights blink purple in room.

New youtube subscriber -> triggers linked event -> lights blink red... 


Default Commands

Loud_Lou 4 years ago updated by Psic_Hades 2 years ago 3

I noticed when i send the commands URL to users it doesnt include the default commands.  This is a big miss for the community to not include all these great commands along with the user created commands.  Please show those!! :) 


Auto hosting support for mixer and twitch

Mithradatum 5 years ago updated by Support Team (Owner) 4 years ago 1 1 duplicate

The ability to have a list of streamers to automatically host on platforms directed by the bot, which can also change hosts on a time interval (I. E. Every 30 minutes regardless of online status) or when the streamer goes offline. This would be most important for Mixer, which has no feature like this at this time, and has already been implemented by Mix It Up bot. I have not seen cloud based bots implement this for mixer. 


Trovo.Live & Theta.Tv Bot

TKDxGaming 4 years ago updated by Support Team (Owner) 3 years ago 1

Hi I'm a Streamer for almost all the streaming sites. There's only one problem!! I have duplicate Txt and It's annoying an very unprofessional. So if you could please HELP Develop This ASAP, it would be a GOD send!! 

I have a few bots now for those sites( Not Many Out There. Like Total of 4 Max 3 for Theta and 1 Unofficial Trovo Bot) But I would hope since you guys are amazing. You Guys could develop something that's easy and 100% Functional!! 

Plus make a ton of Cash. People Love Simplicity like myself. So If you guys could I would Love You Guys Even More!!